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Change of World, ¿hopefully? [19 Dec 2012|07:03am]

Are you ready for the big party this December 21st 2012?
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30---Information of the universe [05 May 2012|01:06am]


30---Information of the universe

Development life potential


                       Michael Lee

April 12th, 2012

1What is the cosmic center?


You are probably not familiar with the concept of “cosmic center”. You may ask, does the center of the universe really exist? As we all know that the universe is infinitesome scientists even say that the universe is expanding constantly. Since there are energy and matteranother form of energy that occupies the space of the universe, the center part of the universe does exist. Since the universe comes into being from big bang theoretically, we can deduce the center part must be the original part.


Let us hear some voices from the enlightened teachers and higher dimensional beings, and it is more likely that our souls are lighted by their wisdom rather than scientists’ hypothesis.


Master Osifu told us that the cosmic center is the ocean of light with most powerful energy and highest frequency and the cosmic center is all living beings’ original home. It the most wonderful place and we all come from that place. If we can cultivate our soul according to cosmic laws continuously, accumulating many life times’ energy, we can return to our original home. So returning to cosmic original home is the meaning and the goal of our life and it needs to point out that the earth is only the training place for us, the physical body is only the tool for us to achieve that goal. Earth is most perfect training place and human body is most perfect tool(because of chakras), so every people should cherish their time to be on the earth, to be a human, not every living beings have such golden opportunity.


Ocindy said that the center of the universe is the most powerful place in terms of cosmic energy just like the heart in human body. Things in the center is radiating energy toward outside places, so the center is the source the supreme positive energy field.


2. How to experience higher dimension?


Returning to cosmic home needs energy, which is not resources’ energy in our three dimensional world. This kind of energy is spiritual energy, and every one of us inherently has although we are not aware of their existence. Therefore we are supposed to explore and develop our powerful soul potential capabilities or psychic abilities.

回归宇宙家园需要能量,这种能量不是我们三维世界的资源能量,它是灵性能量, 我们每个人天生就有,只是不知道它的存在。我们应该探索开发我们强大的灵性潜能,或者说心灵的能力。

How to experience higher dimension? We should do some theoretical preparations before we start spiritual cultivation, such as meditation, Yoga, Reiki or other practice methods from religions. The crucial points are that enhancing life energy and harmoniously integrating with Nature.

如何获得高维次体验呢? 我们在开始冥想,瑜伽,灵气或者宗教中的修炼,诸如此类的灵性修炼之前先做些理论准备。最关键的地方时提高生命的能量并与自然融为一体。

When the energy in your chakras is strong enough, your psychic capabilities will be activated, such as the third eye, deva-hear(can hear more broadband sound),OBE,etc.


It is maybe easy for someone who is very spiritual in his previous life times and well-cultivated, but very difficult for those who has cultivated so few in his previous life. So the spiritual foundation is very important, but you don’t need to be frustrated for cultivation in present life time is inconceivable too.

对于前世很有灵性和修为很好的人来说,可能很容易。但是对那些前生很少修炼的人来说,可能很难。 因此灵性的基础是十分重要的,但是,你不必泄气,今世的修炼也是不可思议的。

3. What is the holographic correlation between the universe and human body?


Many people have already realized that human body is a small universe and a holographic one. It’s really amazing that the life and body science has close relationship with the cosmos, spiritually not modern scientifically. The evidences of this profound correlation can be found in oriental ancient civilization, such as I Ching, Tao Te Ching and Buddhism scriptures. In ancient times, many cultivators emulate Nature and achieved some extend enlightenment.


Heaven, Earth and Human are three equal creations of Creator. Heaven and Earth are living beings, and things that we often thought them as material matter has spirituality too. Material matter is just another form of energy. On spiritual level, they are all equal as we often say that we are all a part of GOD.


Please contract Chicheng with MSN in English



华语可与   Onora781014@hotmail.com 联系








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The universe source is our home 《宇宙源头是我们来的地方>> [05 May 2012|01:08am]


The universe source is our home
June 25th, 2011
I am very busy everyday committing to awaken souls, so I have to squeeze other thing and find time to get on the Internet, cutting my time to propagate light and love.
I am very busy everyday committing to activate souls, so I have to squeeze other thing and find time to get on the Internet, cutting my time to propagate wisdom and energy.
I am very busy everyday committing to implement plans, so I have to squeeze other thing and find time to get on the Internet, cutting my time to propagate dharma and cosmic principles.
I am very busy everyday committing to adjust, so I have to squeeze other thing and find time to get on the Internet, cutting my time to propagate rules and disciplines.
We are just like the sun, rotating and orbiting.
We are just like the Bodhsattvas, helping ourselves and others.
We have our own orbit and journey. We are journeyers, and never stop and unlikely to stop, which will not stop for every minute and every second.
Keep advancing, so this is the journeyers.
The universe and Milk Way are our teachers.
The mountains and rivers are our teachers.
All things and beings are our teachers.
One piece of dust and flower are our teachers.
Of course, the source of the universe (the original source of spirituality, the center of the universe) is our general leading enlightened-teachers.
Shakayamuni Buddha is one of our enlightened-teachers.
All Buddhas and Bodhisattvas are all our enlightened-teachers.
Laotse is one of our enlightened-teachers.
Triple purified hierarchs are all our enlightened-teachers.
Confucious is one of our enlightened-teachers.
Yahveh is one of our enlightened-teachers.
Allah is one of our enlightened-teachers.
Of course, Jesus Christ and Muhammad had made a certain amount of contribution to the development of human civilization, so we are supposed to call them teachers too. 
〇sifu comes here to tell you that Shakayamuni Buddha is your loved one, your very kind old grandpa,not as ordinary people thought that he is in the commanding position and the masses cannot get close to him. 
〇sifu comes here to tell you that the Celestial Worthy of the Original Beginning is your loved one, your very kind old grandpa,not as ordinary people thought that he is in the commanding position and the masses cannot get close to him. 
〇sifu comes here to tell you that both Yahveh and Allah are your loved ones, your very kind old grandpas,not as ordinary people thought that he is in the commanding position and the masses cannot get close to him. 
For thousands of years, the human beings are creating deities out of different intensions and motivations and mindsets, building them up to divine altar.
Today, 〇sifu restores the views toward them,and sends them to your family, near you body and into your heart. All these higher dimensional enlightened beings are your loved ones, your family members, so the family should had being happy and harmonious.
Higher dimensional beings have infinite virtuous prestige, but they will not impose penalties.
You must keep in mind that everything you undertake, which are those you think as good or bad, joyful or painful, are all caused by your deeds because the cosmic principle of causes-effect-retribution leads to all these consequences.
Higher dimensional beings are your kind fathers and kind mothers, are your old grandpas and old grandmas as well. They are always looking after,caring and loving us all the times.
They are always trying all possible ways to awaken and enlighten us all the times.
They are waiting for us to return back at the old home.
They are guiding us to embark on the return journey at the old home.
They are navigating all beings to change their mind at the old home.
Too many higher enlightened beings devoted them into this great salvation, making utmost endeavor and sparing no efforts.
Living beings must keep in minds that higher dimensional enlightened beings are your close relatives!
Living beings must keep in minds that higher dimensional enlightened beings and you are ALL ONE!
Living beings must keep in minds that higher dimensional enlightened beings and you are from the same source!
Living beings must keep in minds that higher dimensional enlightened beings and you have the same mind!
By the way, I would like to remind you that there are no donation boxes before them.
If I had have time, I will tell you more. Bye-Bye.
What I have said just for reference,just messages from a journeyer.
Please contract Chicheng with MSN in English
华语可与   Onora781014@hotmail 联系
耶和华 是我们的度师之一。
神佛仙圣真 在老家等着我们圆满回归!
神佛仙圣真 在老家接引我们踏上归程!
神佛仙圣真 在老家导航我们亿灵归心!
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Fata Naturii [16 Jul 2011|09:47am]

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does anybody know what happened to archaic_revival? [09 Mar 2009|07:09am]

[ mood | but otherwise I'm fine :) ]

He was a really cool person, and didn't tell me he was dropping out of LJ :(

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2012 facts [05 Mar 2009|12:22am]


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[23 Jan 2009|01:31am]
Fascinating video about 2012 here.
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Your Weeky Mushroom Jesus #1 [08 Dec 2008|05:24pm]


Starting now, here is your first weekly Mushroom Jesus!:

video site:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hpFyY-i4x-g

cross posted in answersondrugs
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Salvia Research Study [07 Dec 2008|12:46am]

The University of California San Francisco researchers are recruiting individuals with knowledge of Salvia divinorum or substances containing Salvinorin A for a brief, anonymous web-based survey. No personal identifying information, electronic or otherwise will be collected. The survey takes approximately 7 minutes to complete.  

Information is available at:  




Participant Eligibility:

- 18 years of age or older               

- Have used Salvia divinorum or substances containing Salvinorin A


California Poison Control System                    

UCSF CHR Approved, HIPAA compliant               

CHR approval # H11246-33229-01

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Entheogens In the Wall Street Journal [07 Dec 2008|06:43am]

Today I got an email regarding a wonderful article that is now in the Wall Street Journal. Ethan Nadelmann has taken a huge step forward for us in getting THIS published.

I read the article and posted my own comments:Collapse )

~cross-posted in several other communities~

Also worth mentioning is that Massachusetts is in the process of decriminalizing cannabis. Rock out!
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We are on a schedule [21 Nov 2008|01:06pm]

[ mood | friendly ]

We invite you to explore Ian Xel Lungold and Dr. Carl Johan Calleman's findings on the evolution of Consciousness and how it aligns with:

- Earth's biological evolution
- Epics of time for Human cultural history (and future)
- Acceleration
- One of the Mayan calendars!

Ian gave this talk in February of 2005, just a few months before he left Earth. (Bless his Soul.)

"What do we do now?"
Please see the last video listed below, where he brings us almost up to date...
"Consciousness has a plan and we are all part of it."

Blessings and Love upon all of creation.




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Atlanta Event Nov 15 and 22nd [02 Nov 2008|10:30pm]

Reality Sandwich (http://www.realitysandwich.com), in partnership with the Resonance Project and the ParkGrounds Coffeeshop, is having a FREE showing of the film "Crossing the Event Horizon", the first dvd put out by the Resonance Project (http://www.theresonanceproject.org) on Nov 15 and 22nd, in Atlanta GA. Check out the website, watch the trailer, and if you're interested in joining us, come on down/up/over, whatever you do!

Official blurb : "In this 4-DVD presentation, physicist Nassim Haramein will take you on a journey through humanity's evolution, exposing the changes necessary to produce an all-encompassing unified physics. Demonstrating the parallels between this theory and ancient codes found in pyramids, crop circles, and esoteric doctrines, Haramein weaves a tale which may prove to be one of the most important discoveries of our time."

The showing will be at the ParkGrounds Coffeeshop in Reynoldstown - 145 Flat Shoals Ave SE, Atlanta GA 30316. Parts 1&2 of the documentary will be shown on the 15th, parts 3&4 on the 22nd. Showtime will be 6pm on both dates.

Please drop me a line at somacub@yahoo.com if you have any questions...would love to see some of you there!
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[21 Oct 2008|10:13pm]

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[08 Oct 2008|12:38pm]


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2012, altered states, awakening, information [08 Oct 2008|10:56am]

[ mood | good ]


I am new to this commune. I enjoy all of the information here! Have any of you heard of Ian Xel Lungold? He has done amazing work with the Mayan calendar(s) -- similar to Terrence McKenna's findings on Timewave Zero:


The beginning is here.

I would like to share my site that has great information on psychedelics and metaphysical philosophy

mp3s and such

enlightening words + original sounds


Bless You

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Rise Under Dogs [03 Oct 2008|02:12am]

Lost and found pilots of an underground generation
Breaking the silence with their voice above the crowd protesting
We came to live we came to be but we were caged and drained
Kept alive just enough to give what helped the few survive

Here me nation  be strong do not lose hope and dream
Because one day we'll wake up to a beautiful thing
Banish the sorrow the hate manipulation and greed
Soon comes tomorrow when dreams become reality

Now come machines to beat us down into submission
To fight with fire will mean that we will only become them
To win this fight we must find another way to battle
Peaceful warriors combating evil one more time

So come one come all you soldiers of light
Over the hills pouring down on the country side
On this ground is where we will stage our one last stand
This time it's pivotal, this is our one last chance

It's for the people, for all of those who cannot fight
For those pushed under and those who do not have the might
It's for the children of the up and coming generation
Let's come together and shine before the population

I say again bring it to them who are a tyranny
It is what makes us whole and defines humanity
It's in our blood our minds our souls it's the reason we breathe
This is a war cry, a call to find a way to be free!

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Nassim Haramein: Spacetime, matter energy and consciousness [03 Oct 2008|05:14am]

[ mood | contemplative ]

You guys heard of Nasim Haradeem? I figured he has some amazing things to say about the fundamental structure of the universe.

Read more...Collapse )

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It's The End of the World As We Know It [30 Sep 2008|01:31pm]

Hello there,

I hadn't given 2012 all that much thought. It's really not something I ever paid attention to, or realized that people took seriously. But I'm a lucid dreamer who believes he is "communicating with beings from other dimensions" (or something of the sort). So I spend a lot of time looking over alternative literature, and 2012 has seemed to be catching increasingly more attention these days.

One thing that I'm always doing when I become aware that I'm dreaming is I ask questions. ("Who are you? Who you do think I am? What is this place, and how can I be here while I'm asleep? Have you heard of Earth?" etc. etc.) Frequently as soon as I start looking for specifics, I am attacked. In one particular dream, an alien-looking creature identified as "Chimera" tried to explain the attacks that had taken away my dream-body and I was left reading only text on a black background:

"Chimera": "We're now communicating using a font debugging test backdoor. I'll tell you what I can, but you'd better ask what you want quickly."
me: "Why am I being attacked?!"
"Chimera": "Earth is a place that is scheduled for self-destruction in 4-years. Some people haven't accepted that yet as an inevitable truth, so they are still trying to keep it completely isolated. 26.6 points [gibberish]"

( from http://realityhandbook.livejournal.com/80612.html )

The thing I only noticed this week when I happened across this entry was the date... January 20th, 2007. 4 years later would be around 2011, which does come close. Despite having a large number of unusual dreams and communications, I think this is the only one that seems to intersect with the 2012 theory. But still, rather interesting to see this.

Anyway...if you are interested in fringe theories and fringe experiences, you might like my journal, because it's genuinely weird. I welcome comments and feedback:

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Re: All the Truth about 2012 [28 Sep 2008|02:51am]

Some more calculations for those interested:

I defined a "charming date" as a date made of only 3 digits (or less).
2.2.2000 (two digits)
and many more in 2000
Read more...Collapse )

The bottom line:
Nothing like this 2000-2012 charm since ever we can really remember, and nothing like we can predict in any sense of future, and with nothing even coming close, until 2100-2102.
For all reasons mentioned, our time is the perfect "time-dates-obsession-period".
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[25 Sep 2008|10:23pm]

With the US economy possibly heading down the drain, I wonder how this might play into the whole 2012 drama?

The days of America playing the 'Super Power' seem to be coming to an end, and this release of power must be having some sort of impact on the collective unconscious of humanity. And why couldn't there also arise a positive impact out of the fear and struggles of a financial collapse and a shift in the world power structure? The notion of there existing a world without any one single controlling power does not seem so bad to me considering our (collective) history of territorial strife.

There is of course that ever-present possibility that another country would emerge as the so called 'Super Power', but if the capitalist system in the US came to experience some degree of collapse, this would likely expand to affect stock markets of other countries. I'm no Economist here but it seems like common sense that most (if not all) of the capitalist systems across the globe could be impacted if such an extreme event occurs. The possibility of this happening seems to be increasing according to the media and our so called 'leaders', but I've always found it safe to assume that you can only gain partial truths from any one information source, that deeper truths lie within the blending of viewpoints.

Personally, I would love to see a future in which spiritual awakenings begin to occur at the individual level in myriad subjective ways, and then the new interactions with these individuals starts to effect increasing numbers of people around them, then radiates outward into a grand unfolding of consciousness on a global scale.
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