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It's The End of the World As We Know It

Hello there,

I hadn't given 2012 all that much thought. It's really not something I ever paid attention to, or realized that people took seriously. But I'm a lucid dreamer who believes he is "communicating with beings from other dimensions" (or something of the sort). So I spend a lot of time looking over alternative literature, and 2012 has seemed to be catching increasingly more attention these days.

One thing that I'm always doing when I become aware that I'm dreaming is I ask questions. ("Who are you? Who you do think I am? What is this place, and how can I be here while I'm asleep? Have you heard of Earth?" etc. etc.) Frequently as soon as I start looking for specifics, I am attacked. In one particular dream, an alien-looking creature identified as "Chimera" tried to explain the attacks that had taken away my dream-body and I was left reading only text on a black background:

"Chimera": "We're now communicating using a font debugging test backdoor. I'll tell you what I can, but you'd better ask what you want quickly."
me: "Why am I being attacked?!"
"Chimera": "Earth is a place that is scheduled for self-destruction in 4-years. Some people haven't accepted that yet as an inevitable truth, so they are still trying to keep it completely isolated. 26.6 points [gibberish]"

( from )

The thing I only noticed this week when I happened across this entry was the date... January 20th, 2007. 4 years later would be around 2011, which does come close. Despite having a large number of unusual dreams and communications, I think this is the only one that seems to intersect with the 2012 theory. But still, rather interesting to see this.

Anyway...if you are interested in fringe theories and fringe experiences, you might like my journal, because it's genuinely weird. I welcome comments and feedback:
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can you remember more of the gibberish?
Hello surrealestate22,

It was nothing I could make sense of, largely numeric and symbolic IIRC. I was focusing a lot on how much the attack hurt. (I have a tag for attack and it's one of the more frequent happenings.)

Since I was being complimented on how long I was holding out, I first read the "points" as if they were a score I was being awarded in battle. Waking up and retrospectively looking at it, it makes more sense to interpret it as a Point Size in typography...since it was claimed we were communicating using font debugging code.

(My leanings are to interpret a lot of things as if we are a "simulated earth", or at least able to communicate to simulated worlds.)
hmmm... i've had similar dreams of being held captive by attacking snakes. though freud would say it's relationship anxieties, and looking back, i agree.

never had dreams about the fate of the planet though. when i was frequently being "contacted" by entities, they would do workshops in my dreams teaching me how to do energy work. never really stuck, but maybe it will mean more later. i still use the headache trick they taught me (the one thing that did stick). if i have a really bad tension headache, i imagine a thick rope coming out of my third eye, and i pull it with my hands. makes the tension ease up.

maybe there was something to all of it after all. i got so jaded after they up and disappeared in 2003...