Joshua Ray Jongema (joshua_ray) wrote in 2_0_1_2,
Joshua Ray Jongema

Rise Under Dogs

Lost and found pilots of an underground generation
Breaking the silence with their voice above the crowd protesting
We came to live we came to be but we were caged and drained
Kept alive just enough to give what helped the few survive

Here me nation  be strong do not lose hope and dream
Because one day we'll wake up to a beautiful thing
Banish the sorrow the hate manipulation and greed
Soon comes tomorrow when dreams become reality

Now come machines to beat us down into submission
To fight with fire will mean that we will only become them
To win this fight we must find another way to battle
Peaceful warriors combating evil one more time

So come one come all you soldiers of light
Over the hills pouring down on the country side
On this ground is where we will stage our one last stand
This time it's pivotal, this is our one last chance

It's for the people, for all of those who cannot fight
For those pushed under and those who do not have the might
It's for the children of the up and coming generation
Let's come together and shine before the population

I say again bring it to them who are a tyranny
It is what makes us whole and defines humanity
It's in our blood our minds our souls it's the reason we breathe
This is a war cry, a call to find a way to be free!

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