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Entheogens In the Wall Street Journal

Today I got an email regarding a wonderful article that is now in the Wall Street Journal. Ethan Nadelmann has taken a huge step forward for us in getting THIS published.

I read the article and posted my own comments:
I welcome the day when our nation embraces freedom of choice for the individual to decide for themselves. Mind altering substances can be dangerous, that is undeniable. This is why it is essential for people to have the freedom to learn how to have a healthy relationship with an entheogen. Criminalization has forged millions of unwitting amateurs.

When we create a culture in which people have the opportunity to educate themselves on the responsible and healthy way of imbibing, we are on a path to creating a world of truly happy people. Screw the "pursuit of"... there is no try, there is only do(Yoda). Lets just call it "making merry". That is what our predecessors called it, and I'm all for it. Long live the human experience of taking sacrament that actually does something!

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Also worth mentioning is that Massachusetts is in the process of decriminalizing cannabis. Rock out!
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