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2_0_1_2's Journal

Destination Eschaton
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This community is interested in the various potentials that may occur in the latter portion of the year 2012 AD, according to the Gregorian calendar...

...In addition to focusing on what might occur during the months, days, hours, minutes, and seconds leading up to December 21/22, 2012(aka the winter/summer solstice); this community could also serve as a forum of ideas on how we could bridge this wide gap that exists between our world today, and the world which could be co-created by the inhabitants of this little blue jewel.

The rules in this community are intentionally kept as minimal as possible:

1)FLAMES WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. Flame wars readily seem to de-evolve into name calling and insults which does nothing other than perpetuate ego-centric defensiveness and further attacks.

Anyone who continues to be abusive to other members in this community will be banned. Putting people down because they think or feel differently than yourself does not encourage an open dialog in which everybody feels comfortable enough to speak their mind on views, even if(and when) those views are shall we say a bit unconventional ;)

2)Please use the LJ-CUT Feature for longer posts and/or for posts with many images.

"...There is a process
that has long been under way
that has been gaining momentum since its very beginning.
It is the process that formed the planet,
that called life out of the ocean,
that called the higher animals out of the lower animals,
that called humanity out of the primates,
and that called history out of tribal, sacral, timeless existence.

What it is leading toward
is some kind of transcendental transformative flowing together of everything
that is beyond our language system.
It is the umbilicus of being;
it's where it's all tied together,
and, therefore, it's very hard to describe.

I think that all of our science and religion and history are patterns thrown across a limited set of dimensions by the hyperdimensional presence of a certain object at the end of history toward which we are moving and toward which we are being drawn."

-Terence Mckenna