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With the US economy possibly heading down the drain, I wonder how this might play into the whole 2012 drama?

The days of America playing the 'Super Power' seem to be coming to an end, and this release of power must be having some sort of impact on the collective unconscious of humanity. And why couldn't there also arise a positive impact out of the fear and struggles of a financial collapse and a shift in the world power structure? The notion of there existing a world without any one single controlling power does not seem so bad to me considering our (collective) history of territorial strife.

There is of course that ever-present possibility that another country would emerge as the so called 'Super Power', but if the capitalist system in the US came to experience some degree of collapse, this would likely expand to affect stock markets of other countries. I'm no Economist here but it seems like common sense that most (if not all) of the capitalist systems across the globe could be impacted if such an extreme event occurs. The possibility of this happening seems to be increasing according to the media and our so called 'leaders', but I've always found it safe to assume that you can only gain partial truths from any one information source, that deeper truths lie within the blending of viewpoints.

Personally, I would love to see a future in which spiritual awakenings begin to occur at the individual level in myriad subjective ways, and then the new interactions with these individuals starts to effect increasing numbers of people around them, then radiates outward into a grand unfolding of consciousness on a global scale.
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